Finish Line Donates Shoes and Meals to Haiti

Charity begins at home. This is a true saying, but at my workplace this platitude is extended even further. For a company that has about 679 stores in 47 states in the US, charity indeed starts from the homes of over thousands of employees who help Finish Line make a big difference in this world. While corporations hold charity events to raise money and funnel the collections to fuel the appropriate causes, at Finish Line, people not only offer money but also their time to make a change. For the last five years that I have worked in this company, I have been given multiple opportunities to become an active member of several events that aim to provide help to the hungry, the needy and the ones who are affected by natural calamities.

Donating sneakers to the Haitian children

In 2010, when I had first joined Finish Line, I was given the chance to go to Haiti to help the survivors of the earthquake victims. The Finish Line Youth Foundation ensured that all its employees and customers could help the unfortunate ones in whatever way they can. Due to the earthquake, people had lost their homes and personal identification records. They had even lost basic documents like marriage certificates, birth and death certificates and even all the important files at the National Archives of Haiti. People lacked the proper infrastructure to become fully functional again. It was during this time of their crisis that I had flown to Haiti to help settle paperworks that were required to get people back on track. Each employee from Finish Line helped out in whatever way they could. While some helped in offering medical aid, or to dig victims out from under the ruins, I helped the survivors to complete the necessary paperwork. In association with the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington DC, I helped Haitian people to receive the death certificates of their loved ones—a task that left me in despair for a long time. But I got a chance to reach out to the ones who needed my support and I felt enriched by that experience.

Finish Line had even asked people to donate gently used pair of shoes for the earthquake survivors. I am really proud of my company because of its true and genuine humanitarian efforts. On Aril 16, 2015, more than 750 employees from the Indianapolis based Finish Line store gathered to help Kids Against Hunger to offer more than 250,000 meals to starving children. The food offered was highly nutritious, packed with protein, carbs, minerals and vitamins that the poor kids needed to get proper nourishment. That was a really significant day for me. About 62,500 meals were donated to the Gleaner's food Bank to feed the children of Indianapolis. We sent the remaining 187,500 meals to Haitian children and Philippines to feed all those who are usually affected by any natural calamities.

On that day, I got a chance to bond with all these kids who needed our support. We spent the day interacting with each other, playing games and finally I ended up narrating stories to entertain them. Ever since then, several employees including me at Finish Line have taken the initiative to go and visit these kids and help them in whatever way we can. Finish Line has done a great job to show every one how important it is to help others, and I am truly lucky to be working at a company that believes in making this world a better place for all.

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