About Helena

Keep on running!

Hi there and let me firstly say a big thank you for taking the time to visit by blog.

Well, a little about me..

I'm a country girl at heart, I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi where, apart from affording me the luxury of a wonderful landscape and fantastic people, I had the clean air I needed to pursue many sporting activities such as running and fitness in general.

I spent 5 years of my childhood in Haiti, while my father worked at the US Embassy of Haiti at Port au Prince.  We lived at the beautiful city of Cap Haitien (photo), in the north coast of Haiti.

Cap Haitien

During our stay in Haiti, I connected with the stunning beauty of Haiti's nature. One thing I enjoyed a lot is the many times we went jogging as a family, in our neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. Of course, running is not that popular in Haiti, which is why people would look at us and think we are "foufou" (crazy) to run under the sun!

Fast forward, 12 years later in the US, along with the need to better myself physically and mentally, I discovered belief and motivation were only part of the equation to fulfilling my personal goals. What I also needed and actually found interest in researching, were the right tools to ensure not only did I feel comfortable and protect my body but also represented who I actually am—a girl always has to look her best!

Today, I am a single girl in her twenties who, along with a closet full of fantastic shoes, has just as many pairs of sneakers! I can't say where this obsession began and can only think it came from my 13th birthday when my mom got me my first pair of Nike Air sneakers. As I said, I was always into running but I didn't always have the right footwear or sports wear to compliment this. Ever since then, I have learnt the importance of researching and paying that little bit more where necessary to ensure I look after my body the best I can and as I said…maintaining aesthetics in the process.

Out of my interest in researching the correct running shoes, fitness shoes and apparel in general, was born the idea for this blog. This is a way I can keep people up to speed on my findings and experiences during my quest to maintain and even better myself physically, but also to give back and educate readers such as yourself on my progress and indeed offer tips for the latest, practical, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced, sports shoes and wear.

Specifically, I aim to fully review purchases of running shoes and other sporting shoes where necessary as well as sports apparel in order to provide a truly independent, inside look at individual pieces and the hottest new offerings from Converse, Reebok, Asics and Puma to name a few. You could say this is the inside scoop!

I will try to ensure I look at a broad range of apparel in order to offer my personal point of view on comfort, look and feel and of course, style. I also encourage you to make comments where necessary, please be nice and always informative, as I really want this to be an information exchange, instigated by my reviews. I will not only offer my point of view but will present interesting facts where necessary and also offer sources for the products I review. After all, it's great if I write a review but it's always helpful if you know where I purchased something from.

Once again, thank you all very much for your continued support, let's take this journey together!