Adidas Springblade Running Shoes Review

Fresh on the heels of its power boost, Adidas launched a new athletic shoe that the firm says puts extra bounce in your steps - Adidas Springblade Running. It features sixteen plastic blades which make up the sneaker’s foam-less midsole.

The aim of the sneaker is to spring back with every step and drive you forward. The blades underfoot are the most eye-catching component of the sneaker, but they’re simple plastic sheet springs, that get compressed with each foot-strike and retreat as you proceed via the step cycle.

The Ride

When you first try on these shoes and walk around, the ride is spectacular. As firm as the springblade tech is, it’s far more flexible than you might think. But, the faster you go, the less you will feel the effects of this technology. If you are a heel-to-toe jogger, you will seriously enjoy the springblade tech, but fast forefoot strikers might not fell it.

Weight At 13.10 ounces, the springblade sneaker is on the heavier side of the modern running shoes spectrum. The weight comes from the springblade tech, with the upper side being lightweight (TECHFIT) and the tongue designed of air mesh. Due to this, Adidas springbades is heavier that ordinary running sneakers, being more like a helpful jogger.


Breathability is not a problem when you are running in these sneakers. They performs well on treadmill and don’t overheat. Even when you are running on a heated track, the shoe does well and is not hindered by situations. The mix of TECHFIT and mesh that composes the whole upper doesn’t showcase enough open-air ventilation, buy a single glance on the inside and you will see a lot of porous.


These sneakers are made to offer dynamic power return in a forward movement as opposed to the ordinary vertical return provided by an EVA midsole. The technology does a great job of absorbing the shock when running, leading to an easy stride and ride.

In addition, the Adidas Springblade feels supportive and firm when making a forward run. When jogging or walking slowly, you experience the flex as well as return to greater outcome. In short, the sneaker absorbs energy perfectly and eases shock, but don’t provide anything revolutionary in the way of energy forward propulsion or return.


For its purpose, running forward, the shoe is perfect. It fits well and feel strong as well as supportive when making forward strides on treadmill or track surface. The only problem with Adidas Springblade is that it works better on flat surfaces, causing some traction problems on trail or gravel terrains.