The History of Converse Shoe Company

Converse is a shoe company that has its headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts in the United States. Its production output primarily consists of lifestyle brand footwear and sportswear. It manufactures its products under the One Star, Jack Purcell and Chuck Taylor All Star names. You can easily distinguish converse shoes from other types of shoes on the market because they are unique and they usually have the Star insignia. 

How Were the Early Days of the Converse Shoe Company Like?

This company has been around since the early 20th century. It was purchased in 2009 for 305 million USD as a subsidiary of the Nike Shoe Company. The original converse was set up by Marquis Mills Converse. He established it in 1908 and called it the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. During the company’s first several years, the profitability was good enough to keep it running. In 1917, the company transitioned to producing basketball sneakers, something which shifted it from a simple rubber shoe manufacturer to the successful company that it is today. The kicks that the company made were referred to as the Converse All Stars to signify their athletic design.

What Kept the Converse Shoe Company Alive All These Years?

Chuck Taylor Converse

Photo: Chuck Taylor: The shoe line that revolunized basketball footwear in the 1920s

When Marquis Mills Converse started the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908, he had no idea that he was planting a seed of what would later become an American icon. The Converse dthe historyelivered a consistent procession of exceptional sports footwear throughout the 20th century. This includes the shoe that totally revolutionized basketball, the Chuck Taylor All Star. This shoe would later become a favorite worldwide. Even today, the legacy of the Converse still continues to unfold. It is popularly referred to as the true soul of the American sports.

What are some of the Transformations that the Converse Went Through?

The converse has been through a lot of transformations from what was originally the Converse rubber shoe. The converse canvas shoes for tennis followed, and then the All Star basketball shoe was invented during basketball’s formative years. The All Star was the world’s first performance basketball sneaker. It was followed up by the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes that were named after an All American high school player who later became a basketball Hall of Fame alum. Converse introduced the One Star in the 1970s. It featured a streamlined suede design and has a star accent on the other side. It was the brand’s bestseller during this time.

What Are Some of the Things that Contributed to the Popularity of Converse Shoes?

When Chuck Taylor, a basketball Hall of Fame alum, lent his name as well as signatures to trainers in 1921, the popularity of the converse shoes increased. The 1980s was another important decade to the Converse Shoe Company. In 1984, the company was named the official sponsor of the Basketball Olympics that was held in Los Angeles. This caused the increase in popularity of the then-popular Converse All Stars. And the fact that the U.S walked away with a gold medal in this Olympics after winning against Canada made the shoes even more popular. 

What Caused the Converse Shoe Company to Sell Out to Nike?

From 1970s onwards, the footwear and sportswear market saw a surge of new competitors, including Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebok. They all introduced into the market radical new designs. This competition caused the Converse Shoe Company to lose official shoe sponsorship for the National Basketball Association after holding that title for so many years. This led to loss of market share as well as poor business decisions that caused the company to file for bankruptcy in 2001. Nike paid 305 million USD in 2003 to acquire converse, a settlement that salvaged the company and lead to numerous innovative reincarnations of the converse shoe.

How is the Converse Shoe Company like Nowadays?

These days, the Converse Shoe Company is fine in shape. A report from the Bloomberg BusinessWeek indicated that the sales of the vintage Converse brand had increased by 16 percent as of 2013 to 494 million USD. The Converse Chucks were more profitable compared to Nike’s own innovations in terms of profitability. The designer collaboration seems to be playing well for the Converse Shoe Company so far. It seems like its shoes will never go out of style since it continues to dominate the market with amazing footwear and sportswear.