Our Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Anhhaiti.org. Your individual privacy is just as important to Anhhaiti.org as it is to you. Anhhaiti.org does collect information about its site visitors. Unless volunteered by the user, this information is anonymous.

Anhhaiti.org utilizes cookies to track anonymous website traffic. Cookies are stored within a website browser and hold data about pages visited. This data may include links followed and pages viewed, including time on each page. Search terms used to find the website as well as referring links may also be tracked to better understand usage patterns, identify popular content, and to enhance the user experience for visitors to Anhhaiti.org. Website Analytics are provided by Google Analytics which anonymizes all visitor data in its reporting.

Anhhaiti.orgalso provides a contact form. By using the contact form, site visitors are voluntarily submitting personal information including name and email address, as well as communicating directly with the website administrator.

As part of the function of a community website, Anhhaiti.org enables website visitors to comment on many types of content on the website. Comments are voluntary and will include such information as provided by the visitor: name, email address, personal website (if applicable), and the content of the comment itself. Personally identifiable information provided during registration or login for comments is not posted publicly on the website. Comments which are approved through moderation will be posted publicly without publishing the personal information voluntarily submitted by the user.

Anhhaiti.org also offers website visitors the opportunity to voluntarily subscribe to the website email mailing list. This functionality is used to provide additional content including industry news and coupons and similar content.

Personal information which is voluntarily submitted by visitors of Anhhaiti.org is never shared or sold and is only used to provide additional functionality or to facilitate communication with website adminstrators as requested by the visitor.

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