Review of Zoot Solana Running Shoes

The purpose of a running shoe speaks for the quality of that shoe. The Zoot Solana pair was originally crafted for triathletes. The design may be a bit native, but it completely blends in with the today's era of running shoes. Apart from their well structured design, they give you comfort, responsiveness and speed, far beyond your expectations. As i am a regular jogger and i love to run my 5 miles everyday, i don't fall back in trying out different pairs, once in a while. It came as a surprise to me, but yes, i was gifted the Zoot Solana pair. I will not say that they were the best pair i ever had, but they filled my every other expectation of a great running pair. Following are the various aspects, i found intriguing about the Zoot.

Zoot Solana

Comfort - This is the most important factor while buying any shoes. If the shoes are not comfortable, you will never thrive for that extra mile after your daily quota of running. But let me be clear on this, the Solana gives you comfort all right. Its a high mileage neutral trainer which never gives you hot-spots or irritation of any kind. It provides you extended cushioning and great shock absorption from a proprietary injection-molded EVA, so that in future you don't get any knee-joint pains.

Lightweight - Not only these shoes are lightweight, but you will not get any type of compressed feeling that your feet are strapped to iron weights. The dual density medial support makes you speed up pretty fast. 3-D molded heel counter places your feet firm at its place, for a better grip.

Speed - There is no arguing that speed makes you feel much better on your everyday run. This pair of Zoot is perfectly engineered to attain greater speed, with maximum efficiency. The lightweight construction of the Zoot, gives you a never-ending flow of speed, which you can feel while running.

Fit - It has a narrow low-volume interior, and the 8-mm offset is ideal for your daily running. The toe box isn't very wide, but neither it is over-compressive.

Value - Comparing the values which the Zoot provides, with its price, i can say that Zoot falls under, "big things come in small packages" type. As long as the company provides pairs for nearly 100$, you can literally buy the shoes with your eyes closed.

I would like to conclude that these pair of shoes are a pleasure to wear. These are not meant to be for everyone, but most of joggers would love to have these shoes.